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Our two driving forces

We're living at a time when space tourists, self-drive cars and AI have all become a reality.  

It makes no sense to us that as a society we can't make a major dent in the war against plastics.  It should be much simpler. 

Which is why we are on a mission to create a product which can replace many of the current single use plastics parents use during their children's bath bathtime. 


We're working hard to make it happen and will be back with more info over the next few months. 

Teenagers Cleaning Up the Beach
Soap and Lather

Ingredients which are ethically sourced and kind on our skin - it's a total no-brainer, right?! 
And you may ask why not everyone is doing it.   We want to know the same thing 🤔

  • natural ingredients

  • ethically sourced

  • kind on the skin

  • no nasties

  • developed for children and adults with sensitive skin

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